Shoppers in Bicester Village were evacuated earlier this morning after a “minor incident took place” and fire engines rushed to the scene.

The public was quickly evacuated from Bicester Village after reports of a fire breaking out in the Burberry Store at the shopping complex.

Multiple fire engines and firefighters were spotted at the scene and a Bicester Village spokesman has confirmed a “minor incident” took place which is now “fully under control”.

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A Bicester Village spokesman confirmed the fire started in the Burberry store.

Speaking at Monday lunchtime, he said: "Bicester Village is open for trading. There was a minor incident this morning that is fully under control thanks to the prompt action of the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service." 

The village opened again for trading at around 11.36am.

Staff were allowed to return to shops at around 11.12am.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue has been approached for comment.

At the time of the fire, a resident who lives nearby Bicester Village said: "It must be quite serious as normally when evacuated to the field people are back in within an hour but as they letting people and staff leave to go to town must be known it’s going to be a while.

"Lots are starting to return to the field now holding coffee cups and food from town shops."