New 20mph speed limits have now come into force in Kidlington today (May 22).

They are part of a county-wide initiative by Oxfordshire County Council to change the default speed limit from 30mph to 20mph in areas where there is local support.

The lower limits in Kidlington were requested by the parish council and these were consulted on earlier in the year.

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Green party councillor Ian Middleton, who represents Kidlington East on Cherwell District Council said: “There is likely to be a period of adjustment needed for drivers, but I’m sure everyone will comply in the interests of road safety.

“As a result of the changes, Kidlington’s roads will now be safer for all residents, particularly pedestrians, cyclists and the lesser able.

“Evidence suggests that people involved in collisions at 20mph are seven times more likely to avoid serious injury or death than at 30mph.

“I understand there are some areas which have been reduced from 40mph to 30mph which I believe has caused confusion as there is no specific signage to indicate this.

“I am talking to county council colleagues to see if this can be improved on.”

In April, new 20mph speed limit signs in the village were spray painted over by Oxfordshire County Council contractors to "avoid confusion for motorists".

Oxford Mail:

This concerned the signs on Morton Road in the village which is included in the scheme.

A county council spokesman said at the time: "The signs have been sprayed over by our contractors to avoid confusion until all the correct signage is in place.

"This is to avoid having conflicting signs being up at the same time."