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Sick! Nearly Naked Man at Pennsylvania Pride Event Teaches Boy in Dress How to Pole Dance

by | Aug 5, 2022

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If you thought this world couldn’t get any worse, just understand how there is no end to the depravity that this world calls “pride.” In the name of “pride,” perversion is consuming the world’s children faster than we can keep up.

I don’t post this lightly. This should make your skin crawl and your stomach turn—it really should. And the fact that more people aren’t outraged about this demonstrates that God is giving this nation over, as stated in Romans 1, to a depraved mind.

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Here, you can see a nearly naked man at a “pride” event in Pennsylvania giving lessons to a boy in a dress on pole dancing. This is absolutely sick and the entire world, especially Christians, should be demanding justice for this child abuse.

Worse, the governor of Pennsylvania put out a letter in support of this pride event:



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