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Adopting LGBTQ Language, The Gospel Coalition Podcast Calls Rachel Levine a “Transgender Woman”

by | Aug 7, 2022

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You hear it everywhere. The LGBTQ movement has decreed it, the left has claimed it and adopted it as their own, and even the secular right-wing media has bought into it. The postmodern war on language is destroying reality by making nothing at all real.

But Evangelical Christians who are adopting the LGBTQ movement’s language to appease them? Well, only in a Gospel Coalition-y context, of course. Or maybe the ERLC. Or maybe JD Greear.

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Yeah, all of the above. So I shouldn’t be surprised, but once again, I’m dumbfounded by just how far gone our Evangelical “thought leaders” are.

In a The Gospel Coalition podcast featuring Brett McCracken, a high-ranking TGC editor—who, every year, puts out his list of recommended television shows and movies featuring gay sex scenes, drugs, and violence—the panel lectured the rest of the church on sexual morality. The rest of the panel included Sam Allberry, a gay Anglican priest and Trevin Wax, who just naturally fits in with these guys.

During the opening of this discussion, McCracken—who at least thankfully acknowledges that the behavior isn’t normal—does adopt the world’s language by referring to a man in a dress as a “transgender woman.”

So yeah, I think maybe just to get started, we can talk about the big picture of like the culture and where we’re at, because I do think even in the last few months, we’ve entered maybe a new era in the US with regard to sexuality and the Equality Act.

Many of you have probably heard about that. It’s looking like it’s I think it’s already passed in the Senate, or in the house and it’s being voted on in the Senate. There’s the Assistant Secretary of Health, in the US is a transgender woman, Rachel Levine. So that’s a first. And it’s interesting that a transgender woman is kind of in charge of health, public health, which says a lot about where we’re at as a culture.

Believe me, I want to agree with him. I want to be on the same page as him. But the fact that he can’t even bring himself to refer to this person as a man, but instead has to use LGBTQ language and call him a woman, actually says a lot about where TGC is as a culture. Remember, these are the same people who say that Jesus can identify with transgenders because Jesus had “body dysphoria.” Even if they’re trying to make an orthodox point, it’s completely overshadowed by their capitulation to the LGBTQ language.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. —Romans 12:2



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